In The Loop But Off The Web

This was going to be a very quick post about how I can’t wait to see In The Loop, the British film about the inanity and idiocy of modern politics, from the team that came up with the amazing The Thick Of It.

And now it’s going to be a very short post wondering who the hell is in charge of the marketing for this film, and whether they’ve ever heard of the web. Try and find the website for In The Loop, which comes out in less than 3 weeks. Go on, I dare you.

Or, as main character Malcolm Ticker would probably say, “try and fuc*ing find it, you useless piece of shivering sh*t, I fuc*king dare you, you sweaty **nt!”

According to BBC Films, one of the companies that made it, the website is TBC.

Seriously, you’d think that these guys think SEO is a swear word, which is kind of fuc*ing ironic…

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