I Missed My Own Birthday

In all the excitement of moving jobs, I realised that I completely forgot to mark my blog birthday…

Yes – its been over a year since I started blogging. I probably should have commemorated that particular mile-stone somehow, but I forgot. So, in the manner of a belated birthday card (except that it’s to myself), I thought that I would celebrate my anniversary by sharing my stats (in the style of my favourite ‘work’ blog SEOmoz).

As you can see, I’ve certainly gained some new readers since those early days of forcing my wife and various colleagues to read my rantings. And whilst most readers tend to pop-in, never to return, I’d like to thank the couple of hundred regular readers I seem to have found along the way.

In my most recent post, I promised that my next one would be about the music. And so, to keep that promise, here’s the (rather risque) video to Massive Attack’s Just Be Thankful, which was #7 in my 10 Best Cover Versions Ever (which also happens to have been my most popular post ever!)


  1. Happy Birthday mate-great to have discovered you out here. Really enjoy it.


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