Congratulations To Earth-Touch, WCRS & Altogether

It was a good week for me and my friends last week. Altogether Digital & WCRS won the Interactive Marketing & Advertising award for Best Use of Viral Marketing for the dothetest campaign for Transport for London. It was a heavily contested category so we were dead chuffed to win. I need to work on my acceptance etiquette though as I nearly took off the sponsor’s head when I started waving the trophy around on the stage.

And my friends at Earth-Touch also won something, picking up a prestigious Panda Award (dubbed the Oscars of the wildlife industry) for their weekly podcasts. I have to say that I think the guys at Earth-Touch desevre a host of awards for the way that they’re integrating a whole host of web apps, from YouTube to Twitter, to provide breath-taking wildlife footage. Think of a Web 2.0 version of David Attenborough.

And following this awards-fest, comes the 2nd stage of the dothetest campaign. Again it challenges you to test your awareness, thereby raising awarenss of the need for concentration when on the road. See how well you get on and let me know in the comments.

Trophy image by pniak adam on flickr

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