Can You (Not) Click It?

In a search for one last randomly interesting post for the week, I turned to the mighty StumbleUpon. Within a few stumbles I’d found

It seems to be some sort of research project into how people, conditioned to using a mouse for all their computer browsing, manage without the buttons. What would you do if you couldn’t click?

The experiment demonstrates a number of alternatives: waving your cursor over a button, holding the cursor over a button, you get the idea. You can even, because the first 2o seconds of your visit are recorded, see what actions people took when they arrived, and whether they were able to resist clicking.

For the record, I didn’t click. I also missed the click. Time to click to the next site I think.

And just to show that I can never let a bad pun go, here’s the video for Can I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest to get you into a Friday mood.


  1. I initially thought, “well that’s easy”, but it’s so tempting to click. I didn’t, but if I’d had a mouse in hand as opposed to a laptop touch-pad, I might have…

  2. I was demonstrating it to a colleague and when the survey popped up saying “Are you missing the click”, they clicked Yes. Clicked.


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