Berocca Aims To De-Stress Bloggers

Berocca, the hang-over cure vitamin supplement beloved by millions of binge drinkers health nuts have jumped into the world of Web 2.0 and are engaged in a bit of social media marketing. Following on from an article in the New York Times about how blogging can apparently be very stressful, they’ve put together what they’re calling the Blogger Relief pack.

Basically they’re inviting interested bloggers to sign-up their blogs in order to receive one of the packs, though the blogs have to meet certain unspecified specifications (I’m guessing that they just check that the blogs aren’t spam and have been updated reasonably recently). The pack consists of a pack of Berocca and a load of de-stress desk toys. Mine arrived on Monday (I actually stayed in to receive the package as I thought it was going to be a late birthday present) and I’ve not yet had a chance to try the Berocca or play with the toys.

If I’m honest, I probably won’t, no matter how much time I have. I’m afraid that I can’t stand Berocca (my bad, not theirs) and prefer my toys a bit more exclusive. Still, I have to hand it to them for giving blog marketing a try, even if others haven’t been quite as kind (although it seems like at first the campaign was only open to the first 50 entrants – a ludicrous cap to impose). I just hope that the whole process hasn’t left them needing a Berocca themselves.

Berocca blog ball by renaissancechambara


  1. Hi Ciaran,

    I didn’t think I was particularly harsh myself, not compared to others. I’m quite a big fan of Berocca (which isn’t a euphamism for being an alcoholic). I’ve even had the email saying the pack’s on its way (although I fear it may have been lost in our post room – it seems to be taking ages!).

    I agree with your taste in grown up toys though.

  2. Hi Rick,

    That’s my fault for not making myself clear – I was linking to you as you summarised those who had criticised the campaign – I didn’t mean to suggest that you didn’t like it yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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