YouTube Cannes Lions Competition

It often seems that these days most of the best (and the worst ads) on TV are ‘inspired’ by things found on YouTube. Well now, in an admirable case of YouTube giving something back to the sector that keeps taking so much from it, it’s holding a competition for young ad creatives where the prize is a trip to the Cannes Lions festival. The brief will be announced at midnight on May 15th, at which point eager creatives under the age of 28 will have 48 hours to respond and upload their response.

It’s enough to make me wish that I was still in my 20s (and vaguely creative).

Cannes Lions image by Will Palmer on flickr


  1. Cow’s fart – YouTube Cannes Lions 48 hour ad contest 2009 (France)

    Ne faites pas compliqué, sauvez le monde.

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