Durex Advertising Goes ‘Viral’

Condom image

There are certain things which are hard to advertise in the ‘real’ world due to all those annoying restrictions around prurient content and the guidelines about what’s ‘suitable for children’. Luckily, for advertisers if not parents, the web is currently unencumbered by such rules (unless the government gets its way). This has lead to some great campaigns by brands such as Diesel & Agent Provocateur. And now it’s Durex’s turn to make use of the Wild West status of the web by creating a viral ad (though I’m guessing that they would rather people didn’t associate the word viral with their products).

There’s really not much more I can say to add to that video. Except to say that there is something incredibly disturbing about watching puppet animals, made out of condoms, having sex. Especially when they realise that someone is watching and he then joins in. I’d like to meet the creative who came up with this and make sure that I know where he lives so that if I ever have children they never go anywhere near him. Brilliantly fucked up.

Here’s the Kylie Agent Provocateur ad to help you get the image of a menage a trois featuring latex dogs out of your mind.

Condoms image by Paul Keller on flickr

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