Ann Summers Miss A Trick

So, earlier today, whilst trying to work out exactly what the different possibilities are if we end up with a hung parliament next week*, and therefore whether it’s worth betting on Cleggstasy leading a Lib-Lab pact, I came across** the  search results you can see above (or here). And whilst the Ann Summers ad made me chuckle, I can’t help thinking they could have done better.

For those with bad eyesight***, their ad reads as follows:

Ann Summers Online
We specialise in long, hard
Elections! Visit us online today

Just  off the top of my head, it occurs to me that they could have gone with something along the lines of…

Like your politicians well hung?
Putting the r in election
Visit us for a real party


You bring the satsuma
We’ve got the lingerie. Put your ballot
In the right box with Ann Summers

OK, so the last one might be a bit too risqué even for Ann Summers, but you get the picture.

So, what do you think they should have gone for? Suggestions in the comments please…

*I’m still not sure, despite reading crib sheets from the BBC, Guardian & Telegraph.

**No pun intended.

***Don’t say your mother didn’t warn you.


  1. How’s about…

    Cameron spanked in elections
    All these dirty secrets and more
    Only at Anne Summers.


    Anne Summers for PM!
    Liberating Democrats
    one g-string at a time

    Yeah, I could go on. and on and on. Duracell bunny if you will. :o)

    Great post Ciaran.

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