When Gilles Met Ross

Even a cursory examination of the posts on this site will tell you that I have a rather large soft spot for Gilles Peterson and everything he does. But one of the things he’s done that I’ve most enjoyed recently wasn’t a mix or a compilation, it was an interview he did back in 2011 which I discovered through the excellent app tunein*, which allows me to listen to the show he broadcasts on a Saturday afternoon in the UK on a Sunday morning in Sydney.

The interview is with the equally excellent Ross Allen and was done to promote the launch of Gilles’ Ministry of Sound compilation and mix which more or less sound-tracked a holiday I had in Portugal a couple of years ago. In it Gilles goes into great depth about what got him into music, his fascinating career that started with him setting up his own pirate radio station before he was old enough to drive, and really just gives an amazing insight into the passion for music that inspires me and so many other people around the world.


*It’s definitely worth paying for the premium version.

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