Weezer – Pork and Beans (Video With Internet Meme Stars)

Alternative US rock band Weezer have come up with a great video for their new single Pork and Beans. It ‘stars’ a load of people who have become ‘famous’ over the last few years thanks to the memes that have littered the web.

So, you’ve got the guy who sang along to Numa Numa, but this time he’s miming to Weezer; the highly intelligent beauty queen, also now singing along to Pork and Beans; the Diet Coke/Mentos scientists providing a background for a gig, and just about every other web meme you can think of (and some you probably can’t.)

It’s awesome and, as Tamar points out, also a very clever bit of marketing as people like me just can’t stop blogging it, driving the video to 4 million views in just under a week. I’m also impressed by the fact that it’s an official Weezer YouTube page and they haven’t turned off the ’embed code’, unlike some major record companies who obviously still don’t quite ‘get’ the web.

Weezer, Pork and Beans: all your pop videos are belong to us.

UPDATE: Obviously I can no longer use the official Weezer version due to YouTube’s spat with the PRS in the UK. Ho hum…

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