Tuomo – Don’t Take It Too Hard

Right, one last post before I go & fall asleep in front of the Glastonbury coverage. Tuomo is the Finnish soul singer that you’ve probably never heard of but, if there were any justice in the world, would be as big as Jay-Z. His interpretations of classic soul aren’t amazingly inventive but he does them so well that they sound entirely fresh. I wrote about his debut album My Thing over on FLY when it came out but have been listening to it again recently.

That’s how I stumbled across this video for the single Don’t Take It Too Hard. It perfectly showcases his not inconsiderable talents. Having looked at his site, it seems like he has never played in the UK, and has nocplans to do so. I for one would absolutely love it if he came over; he’d be perfect for the JazzCafe. So come on Tuomo, get your thing over here.

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