The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Song From Channel 4’s V Festival Ad)

For the last few weeks the ad on Channel 4 promoting their coverage of the V Festival has been haunting me. The ad shows a bunch of friends at a festival, running around, sitting in the sub, eating strange looking food, jumping up & down & generally doing everything that makes festivals so much bloody fun. And it’s sound-tracked by a song that is simply lovely.

In a similar way to Friendly Fires the song, which I didn’t know the name of until just now, is both wistful and optimistic: energising and yet somehow sad as if it’s suffused with the knowledge that glorious summer days will always eventually turn into long winter nights (as well as sounding, at one point, a little like Art Garfunkel’s cover of The Waters Of March).

Well, I finally took the time to google* the damn thing and found out, <a href=””>via Yahoo! Answers</a>, that it’s by The Temper Trap and is called Sweet Disposition.

Apparently the band are from Melbourne and they will, I would imagine, be visiting the UK on the back of all this free publicity they’re getting. Whatever the case, it’s made me want to go to another festival before those long winter nights roll in.

Festival image by, err, me on flickr. It’s of Friendly Fires at this year’s Lovebox. They rocked.


  1. I, like you sir have been mesmerized by the track and found you by googling for it – and neither was it a disappointment when you get to hear the full track – happy days! Great track!

  2. i absolutly love that advert, so sad that after this weekend the ad. wont be on anymore! io can’t even findit on youtube. it looks like so much fun! are you on bloglovin’? would like to follow you (not in a stalker way!)

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