The Sundays – Summertime

It’s such a lovely day that I really ought to be outside, but as I’ve stepped inside to knock up a French lunch (pate, bread, ham, olives, cheese – nom nom nom!) I thought that I’d knock out a quick post as well. Stopping in at YouTube to find something suitably summery, I was presented with Summertime by The Sundays as a video I might like, so a big thumbs up to YouTube for the spot-on recommendation.

I’ve loved The Sundays since they released their first album (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) way back in 1990, and in fact it was the year before that when I went mad over their second single, and finest song to date, Here’s Where The Story Ends (if the only version you know of that song is the horrific cover then you really ought to check out the original). I also had a major school-boy crush on lead singer Harriet Wheeler (and still do to be totally honest).

See what I mean?

Anyway, The Sundays were all set to be the next best thing but followed the same amazing career path of The Stone Roses, Portishead, Stereo MCs and many other amazing bands. That is they went completely quiet, and popped up about every 5 years to release an album. To be exact they quickly followed their debut with Blind in 1992, then disappeared till 1997’s Static & Silence, and haven’t been heard from since.

To be honest I never got the second two albums as I understood that they were not up to the standard of Reading, Writing & Arithmetic, but the singles (of which they have only released 6 since their first in 1988) from them certainly were. Love, taken from Blind, is absolutely beautiful whilst Summertime, taken from their most ‘recent’ offering Static & Silence, is a fantastic slice of lovely indie whimsy. It does exactly what it says on the tin and never fails to make the day feel more summery. So check out Summertime and let a bit of sun into your day.

Harriet Wheeler image from Sirens of Song

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