The Courteneers – Not 19 Forever

Paul Weller wasn’t the only act playing at IndigO2 last week; also in attendance were Scoutng For Girls (who we were glad to be able to miss whilst having dinner) and The Courteneers (the lead singer of whom I’m glad to say has shaved off the beard he sports in the video above). This last band’s name rang a bell and when they played Not 19 Forever as their final track I realised why. I’d heard it a million times on the radio but had never gotten round to buying it; well that’s one mistake I’ve now rectified.

There’s nothing revolutionary about Not 19 Forever by The Courteneers but that doesn’t stop it being absolutely beautiful, in that strange way only British indie music manages; waves of guitar, a vocalist with a singing voice that would see him kicked off any talent show within seconds, and lyrics cataloguing the painfully temporal nature of youth.

You’ll probably never look that pretty again

Ain’t that the truth? Not 19 Forever is scarily apt right now and has barely left my iPod’s most played list, along with Rolex & Weller’s amazing 22 Dreams.

I also heard what sounded like a track by The Courteneers whilst trying not to watch the awful Scallywagga on TV the other night; if anyone has any idea what it is, please let me know in the comments.

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