The Big Pink – Too Young To Love

One of the guys who works with me occasionally sends me music he thinks I might like. The most recent track he passed over is by a band called The Big Pink who include one of his mates. Apparently they’re already being tipped for the top which made me laugh a bit.

I wasn’t laughing because they’re not any good, in fact I really rather like their track Too Young To Love: it’s a nice blend of sweeping guitars, stabs of keyboards and an off-kilter drum beat. No, the reason that it made me laugh is because it reminds me an awful lot of the next big things – from about 1992.

To my 30-something year old ears The Big Pink’s Too Young To Love could have been released by any one of Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Lush, Moose or any other number of shoegazing bands from the early 90s (if you don’t believe me check out Pearl by Chapterhouse at the bottom of the post). That isn’t a bad thing – after all, what are Kasabian if not a re-imagining of the Happy Mondays with Leicester accents rather than Mancunian ones?

However it really does go to show that there’s nothing new under the sky and that it’s becoming harder and harder to do anything original. But even if The Big Pink aren’t doing anything original, at least they’re doing something good (though they really should change that name before it’s too late).

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