The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age (Heineken Ad)

More often that not, the songs used to soundtrack ads are rather disappointing. Yes, you get the odd Levis or Nike coming along to brighten things up, but more often not, the song is either uninspired, downright disappointing, or has already been done to death (Moby, Zero 7, Vampire Weekend, Temper Trap). Thankfully though, every so often an ad comes along with a song to bring cheer to your heart, and so the latest Heineken ad is a joy for all the senses.

The ad is the latest for Heineken, and I think it’s their best in a while: it’s called The Entrance and features the most impressive (or annoying, depending on your point of view) party entrance ever. There’s a lot of people in it and, in a rather nice touch, many of them have their own back-story films.

What makes it for me though is the soundtrack, The Golden Age by snappily named The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. It’s a rather silly little bit of retro-pop, which brings to mind the Rat Pack getting nailed in a Soho bar with The Cardigans & Portishead. Or something. The, absolutely stunning, singer Mette Lindberg (yep, she’s Scandinavian) has a voice that errs on just the right sound of annoying, whilst the tune is one that you will do well to dislodge from your head.

So, a good ad with a great soundtrack. And, judging by their history (this was used in an iPod Touch ad), we can expect to see more ads being brightened with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour soon.

NB: Heineken are a client and the video shown was supplied by Unruly Media.

Asteroid cookies by Windell Oskay on flickr

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