#shfl11: Husky Rescue – Sleep Tight Tiger

So, for the first time since starting #shfl11, clicking shuffle on my iPod brought up a track that I’ve never listened to, by a band I’ve never heard of, off an album (The Art Of Chill 4, compiled by The Orb) that I’d forgotten I owned. Which was kind of the idea of this rather pointless exercise in the 1st place.

So, what’s Sleep Tight Tiger by Husky Rescue like? Well, actually, it’s pretty good. It sounds like a demo for a Twin Peaks soundtrack, has a husky voiced man (who in my imagination looks like Sebastien Tellier) wishing a tiger a good night’s sleep, and is really rather soothing. Strange, but soothing.

According to Wikipedia (so it must be true) Husky Rescue is the brain-child of Finnish composer Marko Nyberg and, in a pleasing coincidence for a blog primarily concerned with music & marketing, have had a few tracks used in ads. This one, New Light Of Tomorrow, was used in a P&O commercial. Which is nice, as is the song. Enjoy.

#shfl11 is a self-set challenge to write a post every day in 2011 about whatever song pops up 1st on shuffle on my iPod.

Husky by Christine Zenino on flickr

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  1. I used to play HR’s album ‘Country Falls’ the office fairly frequently. It’s very likely you have heard this track before.

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