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So I was chatting via email with Tom from distilled and we decided it might be fun to organise a night where a bunch of SEOs and other digital types get together. However, rather than just standing round talking about 301 redirects and making robots.txt jokes* (“so the actress said, didn’t you see that I disallowed that section?”), we’d get some SEOs/digital marketers who like to play records to provide musical entertainment.

I’ve already put some tentative feelers out on Twitter and have had a pretty positive response. Already, if people mean what they say, I’ve got 5 DJs, which would probably be enough for the first night. So what I guess I need to know now is whether people would be interested in coming along to the night (if it goes well, we could try to make it a semi-regular event). It’s likely to be in a bar in Central London (quite possibly Soho) and, I guess, on a Thursday night.

I’d hope that it would be free to get in (though there might be a small charge if we have to pay to hire it) and it’s likely to be a BOOB night (buy our own booze). What’s for sure is that it wouldn’t be worth doing if people aren’t interested. Whilst I can’t guarantee what people might play, I’d guess it would be a mix of funk, soul, maybe a bit of hip-hop and probably a drop of house.

So, what do you think? Fancy seeing if geeks can dance? Leave a comment so I can gauge interest.

PS – I do mean play records by the way. For a digital person, I’m also a massive luddite!

*I love nights like that as well by the way.

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  1. I’m an electro DJ me, most of my SEO friends all dabble in a bit of music creation or DJing of some sort…

    Geeks cannot dance they merely tap there feet and analyse the sound waves 🙂

  2. @rishil that’s what SHE said……

    count me in ciaran. I’d love to get a taste for spinning vinyl too – I’ll have to see if i can get some tips off rob before the event. Otherwise it’s a spotify playlist from me.

  3. Really hope this happens, should be a fantastic night – why has this not been done before? Well done Ciaran for rallying the troops!

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent that a lot of SEO/DM people like to play with audio of some way, shape or form.

    I’ll be using vinyl, but it’s ‘special’ vinyl (‘ooh, aah’ I hear you say!): the joys of Serato – 15,000 tracks all on one little laptop. Not so cool that I’m contributing to the much referred to ‘death of vinyl’. Although, I do buy scratching vinyl still (can’t scratch digitally, just doesn’t work right!)


  4. A lot depends on where we end up i.e. how sophisticated is their system. Is till think it’s cheating if the songs aren’t on discs of some sort, preferably 12″ sized….

  5. You were just about to 🙂 – looking at setting up a domain I suddenly realised that a certain CK already has the .com – would you mind if we took

  6. Although I’d probably spend all night sitting at the bar, asking them to turn the music down and requesting some David Gray from the DJ, I’d certainly come along. That’s unless I’m too uncool for you hippity-hoppity types. 🙂

  7. I have a habit of saying I’ll get down there and not being able to (think last two LondonSEO’s) so I won’t commit yet – but let me know the date and venue and I’ll see what I can drive down for some thumpy bang-bang music.

  8. Sounds like a good night… SEO’s who can DJ doesnt sound like too much of a leap, but DJ’s who can SEO? nah.
    Let me know details/time and i’ll be there with my 2 left feet.

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