Rjd2 – A Beautiful Mine (Mad Men Theme Tune)

I’m currently watching season 1 of Mad Menon DVD. I never managed to quite get into it when it was on TV and so decided to give it a second chance. Whilst I’m reserving judgement on it until I’ve finished the box-set, what I can’t argue with is the fact that it is incredibly cool.

From the smart suits (Don Draper has to be the biggest style icon of the last couple of years) to the constant cocktails and cigarettes (because drinking and smoking are, I’m afraid, cool – just not clever) – it’s all just feels so perfectly slick. A feeling that is only enhanced by the rather lovely theme tune, ‘A Beautiful Mine’ by Rjd2.

It’s a perfect slice of the sort of instrumental hip-pop that RJD2 does so well. All chilled beats & sweet strings it sounds perfectly retro and utterly current, all at the same time, reminding me of the soundtracks that David Holmes put together for Ocean’s 11 & its sequels.

Whilst I don’t know Magnificent City Instrumentals, the album A Beautiful Mine is taken from, if it’s anywhere as good as Rjd2’s début Deadringer, it’s probably worth picking up. Whilst you decide whether or not to pick it up, why not enjoy the full version of the track that got me talking about it.

Mad Men image by ericalm on flickr via the rather cool Mad Men Yourself.

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