Randy Crawford – Everything Must Change

The way things are going I’m going to have to start paying the guy behind the mixed moods podcasts a commission (if this site made me any money) due to the number of amazing new tracks I’m finding by listening to him, such as Solique’s Let’s Stay Running. The latest track that has joined the “How did I never hear that before?”is Everything Must Change by Randy Crawford, which is on the Changing Seasons edition.

The version he played, and which I have now downloaded, appears to be a live one (and is, I assume, taken from her debut album of the same name). It starts with little more than some gentle piano & Randy’s amazing vocals, as she sings:

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Everyone will change
No one stays the same

As the song builds she’s joined by a full band until, by the time she gets to the refrain, she’s absolutely belting it out in competition with an absolutely blinding horns section. To be honest the lyrics of Everything Must Change sound like they could have been written by compiling the wisdom gleaned from a load of fortune cookies. Such is the amazing power of Crawford’s vocals and the music behind them, that the words seem to portray a truth that is beautiful, if obvious.

Rain comes from the clouds
Sun light up the sky
Music makes me cry

Randy’s right that everything must change, but from now at least, one thing that won’t is my love of this amazing song.

I’ll leave you with the video to Streetlife, the disco/rare groove classic by The Crusaders which Randy provided the vocals for. Pure class.

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