Q-Tip & Gilles Peterson Playing The Roundhouse

So apparently Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show has been on Radio 1 for ten years. As with so many other things these days, that makes me feel a bit old as I still remember his show on Kiss (as I’m sure many others do too) and actually still think that the slot he had on a Sunday evening was the perfect one for his music and is one that Radio 1 should put him on at. They should certainly take him out of the grave-yard slot he currently lives in (2am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning).

I was chatting with someone about Mr Peterson the other day and we were saying that it’s a national disgrace how the BBC simply don’t recognise what they have in Gilles: as far as I’m concerned he, more than Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe or Colin Murray (FFS!) he is the true successor to the late, great John Peel. His talent for mixing up genres and his obvious passion for music in all its many forms, means that he’s the one now doing what Peel used to do so well – introducing people to music they simply wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

Anyway, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Worldwide being on Radio 1, Brownswood are putting on a gig at The Roundhouse with a rather fantastic line-up.

In the recent All Winners poll of the best records of 2008 Q-Tip’s track with Norah Jones, Life Is Better, was named as the best track whilst the album it comes from, The Renaissance, came second after Erykah Badu. All very satisfying as it’s not too different to my own selections of the best songs & albums from last year.

Anyway, with Q-Tip and the excellent Little Dragon (whose debut album I reviewed on Fly) playing live, and Benji, bPm & Gilles spinning tunes, it should be an amazing night. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it (though I’ll be in Dublin with some very lovely people so don’t think I will be too sad) but I would very much recommend that everyone else tries to get tickets. And in the meantime you can check out this awesome Q-Tip mix that someone called Lefto has done for Gilles or listen to Scribbled Paper, the achingly beautiful closing track from Little Dragon’s album.

And I’ve just realised that this is only the first of a number of events to be held at The Roundhouse to celebrate 10 years of Worldwide so I will definitely be seeing you at the second!

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