Ohmega Watts – That Sound (Quantic Soul Orchestra Remix)

Brighton jack of all trades Will Holland gives funky rapper Ohmega Watts a soulful remix under his Quantic Soul Orchestra guise…

Two of my favourite artists of the past year or so have to be US rapper/producer Ohmega Watts & British maestro Will Holland who records his own music, and remixes others’, using his two projects Quantic & Quantic Soul Orchestra (you might be familiar with his work as Quantic from this iPod ad). The former tends to be more electronic in its make up, whilst the Soul Orchestra is where he recreates original sounding funk, without being a luddite. When the two get together it’s magic.

That Sound is one of the many great tracks from Ohmega Watts’ highly under-rated album The Find. In its original form, That Sound is classic Watts – funky, fun, with great beats, samples & rhymes (including some guest appearances from Lightheaded, The Procussions & Noelle). The Quantic Soul Orchestra remix of That Sound is even better. He manages to make it sound absolutely new, yet incredibly nostalgic.

There’s a lovely guitar loop, some awesomely funky organ, a drum beat so fresh it must be live (and as it was remixed as Quantic Soul Orchestra rather than just Quantic, I tend to think that it is), the great raps from the original and, well, that’s enough isn’t it? It flows beautifully, there isn’t a mention of hos or glocks to be found, and the whole thing is a perfect party tune – you can easily imagine it rocking a block party in the early 80s, as funk, soul & disco metamorphasised into hip hop.

I nearly missed out on Ohmega Watts, and I’ve come late to the genius of Will Holland (whichever Quantic hat he happens to be wearing). If you’ve not heard of either of these guys yet, do yourself a favour and check out this Quantic Soul Orchestra remix of Ohmega Watts – it really is like a musical two for the price of one.

Neither of these two acts seem to have done any videos that I can find, so here’s a rather sweet little home-made video set to a Quantic Soul Orchestra song..

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