Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love

Well, it really is turning into a rather wonderful summer here in Blighty, isn’t it?And so, to celebrate that fact, I thought I’d post a slice of summer gold and was going to do just that with D’Angelo’s cover of Roy Ayers’ Everybody Loves The Sunshine.

Until I remembered I’d already written about it.

Not to be put off, I thought that I’d share with you another slice of sunny magic from the same album that I discovered D’Angelo’s effort on, Mr Scruff’s Big Chill Classics. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I present the sublime Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love by 70s funk-maestros Odyssey (who were also responsible for the ultimate cover of Lamont Dozier’s classic Going Back To My Roots).

There’s really not a lot to say about this as you really just ought to listen to it. But, in the interests of pretending that I can string coherent sentences together, I’ll just say this.

Listening to Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love will immediately make you feel like you’re sat on a balcony on a balmy Mediterranean island, that there’s a cool G&T on the table in front of you, that your skin still has that wonderful glow from a day loafing around under a blazing sun, that a night of pleasantly laid-back hedonism awaits you, and that tomorrow will almost certainly involve swimming pools, rosé wine, fresh seafood and mid-afternoon siestas.

Which can’t be bad.

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