Now Kids Just Think That’s A Sexual Position

The build-up to Anchorman 2 is turning out to be the contextually brilliant trailer equivalent of a year of Christmases. Here’s Ron Burgundy on the Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation.

For anyone who hasn’t lived in Australia, it’s kind of hard to grasp. It’s literally, in the old fashioned sense of a word, a public holiday in Victoria whilst there are some who claim (perhaps with their tongue in their cheek) that it should be a national day of celebration.



It’s such an event that the search results for “the race that stops a nation” actually bring up today’s date as part of Google’s Knowledge Graph which is surely the 21st Century’s version of being added to the dictionary. Presumably, the same search tomorrow will bring up the date of next year’s race, kind of like a gambling equivalent of “the answer to life, the universe and everything“.

Whatever the case, I’m just hoping Ron Burgundy has a message for us next year too.

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