Noir Désir – Le Vent Nous Portera

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve just got back from Christmas in Paris (it was beautiful, thanks for asking, but boy was it cher). And whilst I was there, as has been the case almost every time I’ve been to France for the last few years, I heard a song that I’ve come to love. But whilst I normally hear it on the radio whilst driving, which generally means that I can’t understand the DJ when they mention the name of the song, tis time I was in a bar and asked one of the waiters. And so it is that I now know the song is called Le Vent Nous Portera by a band called Noir Desir.

I just checked the band’s Wikipedia entry, hoping to find some more detail on Noir Desir for this post. Instead, all I learned, other than the fact that their entry is one of the best examples I’ve yet to see on why Wikipedia loses nearly all of its value when entries are obviously cribbed from press releases, was that lead singer Bertrand Cantat was the French rock star jailed for killing his girlfriend. And so I now find it hard to write anything else about this as no matter that the song is utterly beguiling, and enchanting, because it was sung by a drunk who beat up his girlfriend and ended up killing her. And there’s nothing rock & roll about that.

I’ll leave you to enjoy Le Vent Nous Portera, released before he was jailed, and leave you to ponder the fact that he got out in just 4 years.

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