Nicola Conte feat. José James – The Nubian Queens

I just got pinged on Facebook by the José James page with the news that the first track from his latest album is now up on his MySpace page, and very nice Save Your Love For Me is; a very chilled slice of dinner jazz, but with a more modern, almost R&B style beat behind it. Choice, as Gilles would say.

Anyway, whilst I was checking out Save Your Love For Me I noticed a couple of other tracks on the player, some of which I hadn’t heard of; collaborations that James has obviously done recently. One of these was, of course, the amazing Little Bird, but another was The Nubian Queens, which is an absolutely splendid slice of Latin madness.

It sounds like the sort of things that would have been bursting out of the clubs & bars of Miami & New York in the 70s and, as it’s actually a track on the album Rituals by Nicola Conte, I can only assume that the rest of the album would have the same vibe. Although the name Nicola Conte rings a bell, I can’t really remember ever hearing anything about him before (apart from anything else, I assumed that Nicola was a woman!) But it seems that he’s an Italian DJ & producer, and I look forward to getting to know his work better.

Nubian kings & queens image by scion cho on flickr

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