N*E*R*D – Everyone Nose

You know how sometimes you hear a song and just know that before too long everyone is going to be singing one particular line? Well the recipient of that particular honour for the Summer of 2008 is here, and it’s Everyone Nose, the comeback single from N*E*R*D (or NERD as most people would say.)

All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!

I’m really glad that N*E*R*D are back, especially as I had thought that Pharrell Williams had split the band due to problems with record label Virgin. In fact he had, but it seems like Pharrell changed his mind later.

Well, whatever, Pharrell Williams & the rest of N*E*R*D are back, and they’re better than ever if Everyone Nose is anything to go by. Whilst I’m not sure that the video or the lyrics to Everyone Nose are going to win Pharrell & the boys any feminism awards (the clips which appear to show Pharrell cuddling a really drunk girl verge on being distrubing) the music’s better than ever.

I’ve always felt that N*E*R*D were better in theory than in practice. Apart from a couple of amazing tracks, including Provider (which Zero 7 did an amazing remix of) & Lapdance, it seemed like Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo saved their best music for when they produced for others as The Neptunes. Certainly most of Pharrell’s solo stuff has been weak compared to the stuff he’s done for the likes of Justin Timberlake & Snoop Dogg.

But if they’ve produced anything for anyone else recently, they must have been holding back the good stuff because Everyone Nose really rocks. Pharrell manages to get in some nice falsetto vocals without becoming annoying; the bassline is so fat it should probably join Weight Watchers; the tiny snatch of horns is funkier than James Brown’s wake; there’s a great break in the middle when everything gets all smooth. And then, of course, there’s the chorus. Fuc*ing genius.

So, once more, after me everyone (you know that you’ll be singing it at the end of every night out from here to 2009);

All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!

UPDATE: I’ve just found this awesome clip of N*E*R*D performing Everyone Nose on the David Letterman show in the US. So here’s a call to Jonathan Ross; if N*E*R*D come to the UK please have the balls to have the boys on the show. It would rock. I’ve also found the rather excellent site they’ve set up for the US release of Everyone Nose; here’s hoping they do one for the UK as well.

Well, they didn’t do Ross as far as I know but they rocked The Sunday Night Project – I love Pharrell’s dancing.

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