MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker feat. John Legend

Logging into Gmail I discover a short but very welcome message from my good friend Chris:

My favourite electro dj’s MSTRKRFT have done a tune with your man John Legend

I like it

Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT featuring John Legend reminds me a bit of the recent collaborations that Jazzanova have done, but with an extra splash of techno loveliness. The pitiless piano loop in Heartbreaker reminds me of the majestic All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem whilst John Legend proves, once again, that when he can free himself of his tendency towards slightly MOR soul, he’s one of the finest vocalists that we have. It doesn’t seem to be available to download in the UK though Amazon do have a, rather expensive, copy of the album it’s from, Fist of God.

Chris like MRSTRKRFT’s Heartbreaker & so do I.

Heartbreak Hotel sign by Paul Stuart Iddon on flickr

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