Midnight Movies – Patient Eye

Midnight Movies make an incredible noise on all their songs – and Patient Eye is no exception…

Midnight Movies are my new favourite band after I saw them supporting The Raveonettes last night. Some lovely people who I met at a conference in Seattle took me to see the band at an amazing restaurant/concert venue in Seattle called The Triple Door where Midnight Movies absolutely blew me away.

Midnight Movies are made up of 2 guys & 2 girls, all of whom are incredibly talented, able to play multiple instruments; lead singer Gena Oliver plays drums on several occasions whilst drummer Sandra Vu plays flute on one song.

Anyway, live Midnight Movies were somewhere between The Doors, My Bloody Valentine & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, although their recorded work doesn’t have quite the same level of “Wow – what the *&^ was that?!” (although you should still buy both of their albums to date). Still, if you live anywhere where Midnight Music are playing, you really ought to check them out. And you could also do what I did, which was to buy their single Patient Eye on 7″ and get the band to sign it, in anticipation of their impending stardom. But don’t do the other thing I did, and lose the record a few hours later.

And if you have anything to do with the music industry in the UK, you should give Midnight Movies a deal as their current label has no UK distribution and these guys could be huge…

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