Maverick Sabre – I Need

Well, this is the joy of Glastonbury (by which, obviously, I mean watching it from the sofa).

As, the ever more lovely, Lauren Laverne, and, the ever more Peel-like, Mark Radcliffe, take over the coverage (after a U2 set that, I’m not ashamed to admit, brought a tear to my eye when a real-life spaceman quoted Space Oddity) they introduce an accoustic track by some guy called Maverick Sabre. Much like Plan B he looks like he should be serving time but has a voice like an angel.

This is beautiful: I Need by Maverick Sabre. I will be downloading everything he’s recorded tomorrow, and that, surely, is the whole point of Glastonbury.

UPDATE (FOR MICHELLE FROM THE COMMENTS): To get a copy of I Need, which isn’t on any of Maverick Sabre’s EPs, head to the website (link above) and sign up for your free copy of the Travelling Man Mixtape, the last track of which is, the wonderful, I Need. Enjoy.

Sword by Bex Ross on flickr

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve just been looking for it and found this. Haven’t found a downloadable version of this song tho’? Have you?

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