Love Shack – Alice Russell (cover of song by The B52s)

Alice Russell, of the very funky Quantic Soul Orchestra, covers The B52s “classic” Love Shack….

ITV is starting to promote the 2nd series of the so-bad-it’s-good celebrity reality show Love Island, and the version of Love Shack being used for the trailers is bizarrely good. Bizarre that is until I found out that it’s by Alice Russell, a member of the rather fantastic Quantic Soul Orchestra. It’s a seriously good cover version – replacing the annoying nerd-rock of the original with some great 21st Century soul.Obviously, with a band this good, Gilles Peterson has been going on about them for ages (their record label Tru Thoughts won record label of the year at the 2005 Worldwide Awards). The Alice Russell version of Love Shack doesn’t seem to be available at the moment, but there are plenty of places to find tunes by Quantic Soul Orchestra.

If I find anything out about a release of an MP3 (or CD or vinyl) of Alice Russell’s (much improved) cover version of Love Shack, I’ll be sure to update this post.

UPDATE: Sorry – still no news on Alice’s version of Loveshack, but I’ve found a track which is just as good. Have a listen to her on The Bamboos’ track Step It Up. It’s an absolute funk stormer, and if you like it, why not download the album of the same name from eMusic?


  1. You’ve been going to the wrong parties if you think that Love Shack isn’t a genuine classic.

    Or maybe I have…

  2. It’s just something about that guy with the glasses and the big quiff wailing away – it’s all a bit Timmy Mallet for me!

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