Lily Allen In Trouble For Britney Cover. Or Is She?

Storm In A Tea Cup

The Guardian are reporting that Lily Allen is in the shit with her record company after her mate Mark Ronson played Lily’s cover of Britney Spears’ new single, Womanizer.

“Mark Ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play on his radio show,” Allen explained on her MySpace blog. “Womanizer was the only song I had as an attachment on my Blackberry and I couldn’t get home to send him anything else in time.”

The Guardian then goes on to quote Lily as saying that she had asked Ronson to talk over the version so that it wouldn’t be ripped onto the web but that he didn’t and it had, unsurprisingly, been freely distributed. The Guardian then adds:

Though several versions have already been taken offline by EMI lawyers, at least one YouTube copy has enjoyed more than 100,000 views.

Well, maybe I’m missing something but I wonder if that’s because the version The Guardian links to (below) appears to be on the official Parlophone YouTube profile, Parlophone being Lily Allen’s record label. In fact, the Allen cover of Womanizer is now on the main Parlophone homepage.

I’m sure that Lily thought that she was going to get into trouble but I wonder whether her record label didn’t suggest that to her just so that it would get some free publicity which, of course, it has. Though the fact that the cover is a million miles better than the Britney original probably helps too.

Whilst I’m on the subject of Ms Allen, I’ll leave you with her new single, The Fear. I watched a ‘Making of’ about the video last night and, as she generally does, Lily came off very well: self aware, funny & down to earth. The single’s pretty good too.

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