Les Rockets – On The Road Again (Cover Version of Song by Canned Heat)

I’ve found out that the version I was looking for of On The Road Again (originally by Canned Heat) is by 70s French disco band Les Rockets…

I heard this weird version of On The Road Again earlier this year when I saw James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem DJ at the Hiro club in New York. I had no idea who it was by, but some lovely people on the DFA forum (DFA is James Murphy’s record label) were able to help me out.

A bit of quick research tells me that this isn’t going to be easy though. Finding a copy of On The Road Again by Les Rockets could be very hard; much harder than finding out that it was their version I heard. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, I will be eternally grateful…. (and so will my mate Chris)

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