Leroy Hutson – Lucky Fellow (As Played by Gilles Peterson & Zero 7)

Lucky Fellow is by Leroy Hutson, a favourite of those who know about jazz, funk & soul, having featured on compilations by Gilles Peterson & Zero 7.

I first discovered Leroy Hutson via the Zero 7 Another Late Night compilation which featured the track Cool Out. I then found the track Lucky Fellow on a fantastic soul compilation called Simply Soul (£5 for 4 CDs if I remember), and fell seriously in love with Hutson’s music. It’s a searing piece of 70s sounding soul, with wah-wah guitar, soaring strings, and Hutson giving it the all with his amazing vocals; think Curtis Mayfield (he replaced him in the band The Impressions when Mayfield went solo), Isaac Hayes or anyone of that caliber.

Gilles Peterson’s new compilation Sunday Afternoon at Dingwalls also features Cool Out, but I have to say that if you’re going to get one track by Leroy Hutson then it really ought to be Lucky Fellow. But what you really ought to do (and what I’m going to do now) is get both volumes of his Best Of!

If you’re still not sure, why not listen to Lucky Fellow now?

Leroy Hutson – Lucky Fellow

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