Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common – I Poke Her Face (Lady Gaga Mash-Up)

I have a friend. He shall remain nameless, though I can share his nom de plume with you: Dr Kenneth T. Noisewater. And every so often the good Dr. shares with me the latest mix to emerge from what he calls the Phat Cave.

The most recent one of these, which you can enjoy here, included something that at first sounded like Lady Gaga: “surely not,” I thought, “even Dr Noisewater would never dream of using such overrated art-pop shite”. He had, but before you join me in shunning the man, please check out the video above.

You see he hadn’t actually used one of GaGa’s sub-Madonna rip-offs; no, he’d used a remix/cover of Poker Face starring hip-hop heroes Kanye West, Common & Kid Cudi. And it’s really rather splendid, if not a little naughty.

I probably shouldn’t say anymore, as the Dr. is a shy man, but I’ll leave you to enjoy the best (only decent?) thing to come out with Gaga’s name attached to it.

Poker by Oliver Duperray on flickr

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