Jazzanova feat. Ben Westbeech – I Can See (Remix Competition)

As part of my ongoing nostalgia trip (I think it’s an end of year thing) & because I was on the subject of artists introduced to me by Gilles Peterson, I also checked out Ben Westbeech’s MySpace profile to see if he has anything new in the offering, and sure enough there was a new tune up there.

I Can See is a collaboration with Jazzanova from their most recent album Of All The Things, which I will now have to endeavour to check out before the end of the year to see if it’s one of the best of 2008. If this track is anything to go by then it should be pretty good: it backs up my feeling that with a couple more killer tunes Ben could have been where Jamie Liddel is now. With any luck this track signals that next year he will be.

What’s also interesting about I Can See is that, like Radiohead with Reckoner, DJ Shadow with the video for This Time, (and many other artists before that) Jazzanova have asked fans to remix the track. The best remix of I Can See, as judged by the Jazzanova boys, gets a load of prizes but the closing date is January 15th, so you’ll need to be fast. There’s already been 183 remixes submitted and whilst I’ve only listened to a couple, one of them is really good.

The tom lown mix which is #2 on the widget below, keeps the original track’s soul vibe but gives it a very stripped down feel – I can well imagine it being played at some impossibly cool bar in Ibiza or similar. Oh God, Ibiza – here comes another nostalgia trip.


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