Hells’ Club: Where The Movies Come To Life

Ever wondered what would happen if Darth Vader, Blade and Pinhead walked into a bar? Wonder no more.

I’m a big fan of mash-ups, remixes and sampling, but normally associate those things with music. Now we have an incredible example of what happens if someone takes the theory and ethos behind those things and applies it to the movies.

Hell’s Club is an incredible edit of numerous classic movies of the last 40-odd years which manages to stitch together dozens of characters and scenes to create one plausible, coherent scene. It’s all set-in a nightclub and the artful way it blends different soundtracks together is pretty incredible too.

This really is an absolutely amazing piece of work; at nearly 10 minutes it’s hardly short (at least in a world of 6-second Vines), but it’s well worth every second of your attention.

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