GoldieLocks – Provider (N.E.R.D. Cover)

GoldieLocksI was at the always excellent Shuffle last night, at the newly refurbished Legion on Old Street. The chaps were playing excellent tunes all night but one in particular grabbed my attention – a cover version of Provider by Goldielocks. The original of course was on the debut album by N.E.R.D. and was aslo remixed by Zero 7 (you can see their remix at the bottom of the post).

GoldieLocks takes the sleezy 21st Century funk of the N.E.R.D. original and crafts a slice of lovely electro-pop out of it, resulting in something that sounds rather like Christina Aguilera on a very, very good day. She also customises the lyrics, transposing the whole story of someone pushed to peddle drugs in order to’provide’ from the US to Croydon. Obviously.

Whilst I can’t find anywhere to download the Goldielocks cover of Provider* (it seems that it was available here, but seems to have been taken down) you can listen to it over on The Hype Machine.

*After writing this I got a lovely email from Hannah at Sheena Beaston (the blog which used to have the track on it) with a copy of the MP3: until I find out whether it’s available to buy I’ll have it available here.

PS – I think I’m developing a bit of a crush on Miss GoldieLocks.

UPDATE: GoldieLocks has a new EP coming out and it includes Provider. Score!

GoldieLocks photo by Jackson Kid

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