Gilles Peterson Moves To 6Music

The two people who have probably had the most influence on the music I listen to are John Peel and Gilles Peterson: Peel switched me on to the likes of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, Peterson to a whole world of jazz, soul & everything in between.

He’s been given a new show on 6Music, having been unceremoniously booted off of Radio 1 and his first show is this Saturday, at the very civilised time of 3 in the afternoon (having been put on in the middle of the night before leaving Radio 1. I can’t wait.

I’m staying up at my fiancée’s parents holiday home in Donegal this weekend. Do you think my future in-laws will mind if I don’t move to far from the radio at all on Saturday afternoon? Hmmmm.

Peterson photo by Laughlin Elkind on flickr

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