Favourite Songs Of Summer 2007

I’ve barely had time to blog this summer, so thought that I’d just give you some of my favourite tracks of the last few months.

Common – Drivin’ Me Wild (feat. Lily Allen)

Ben Westbeech – So Good Today (feat. The Dap Kings): Ben’s best tune to date gets another airing to celebrate the anniversary of Brownswood Recordings. US funk band The Dap Kings give the song a whole new twist, making it sound utterly fresh, yet entirely retro.

Little Dragon – Scribbled Paper: A haunting lament from Swedish band Little Dragon. A bit like La Ritournelle. But without any percussion. Or something.

Tuomo – My Thing (album): This LP of perfect soul by Scandinavian singer/musician Tuomo should have been number one in every country on the planet. The fact that it wasn’t is just another indication of the inherent unfairness of life.

Jay Dee – Rico Suave Bossa Nova: I realise that I only came to appreciate rapper/producer Jay Dee’s brilliance after he died, but for anyone else who hasn’t heard of him yet, it’s not too late to find out. This off-beat Brazilian number from the LP Welcome To Detroit is proof of his genius: can you imagine Diddy trying to pull of an acoustic Latin track?!

Common – Drivin’ Me Wild (feat. Lily Allen): The stand out track from Common’s latest release sees producer Kanye West using Lily’s voice as an instrument whilst Common’s awesome rap includes nuggets like ‘driving herself crazy like the astronaut lady‘ & ‘ They was one of them couples, people said they were the it; Unbreakable, like Bobby and Whit’.

Quantic – Apricot Morning: The amount that producer Quantic has achieved in the 20 something years he’s been alive makes me feel utterly pathetic. This track off his 2nd album (just made available on eMusic) is a perfect example: funky, housy & effortlessly brilliant.

Soil & Pimp Sessions – Sahara: A slice of pure dance-floor jazz from the second album by the Japanese band. Put this on the iPod and just try to stop your feet tapping.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write properly over the coming months; in the meantime check out all of the songs above – they should brighten up your day even with this crappy British summer!

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