Eelus’ “Lost”: Street Art In Dublin

I’ve been in Dublin this weekend as I’m speaking at a conference today. After meeting one of my Irish cousins for lunch yesterday I spent a rather pleasant afternoon walking round Dublin: checking out the shops (man, that exchange rate hurts), having one of the world’s best hot chocolates & snapping a bit of street art.

When I saw the picture above I was pretty sure that I recognised it: Googling the signature (in the bottom right hand corner) I discovered it’s by a chap called Eelus and he seems pretty popular. It sees like this particular picture, which I had started thinking of as “Fallen Angel”, was originally a one-off print called Lost. It’s apparently based on Milton’s Paradise Lost and would, I imagine, have cost quite a pretty penny. And so, in these times of ecomomising, I’m planning on getting a print of the photo blown up so that I can have my very own Eelus on my wall.

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