Dillinger – Cocaine In My Brain

A remix of this track just came on the office stereo (the Groove Corporation one that features on the Bedroom Sessions mix by Faithless) and I just felt like I had to play the original. Cocaine In My Brain by Dillinger is undoubtedly not a song that should be taken as a suggestion on how to live one’s life, but there’s no denying that it’s a bloody great tune.

In fact, with it’s insidious rhythm, skanking guitar line and riduclous lyrics, it’s almsot as addictive as the Devil’s dandruff. As someone addicted to nothing stronger than good music I have to say that I’m rather taken with the white vinyl copy of Cocaine In My Brainby Dillinger seen in this video.

Knife & fork image by lizjones112 on flickr

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