Daft Punk’s Get Lucky Gets Funky

Daft Punk’s return has generated acres of coverage, reviews ranging from rave to merely fawning, and even saw several thousand people flock to a rural town in Australia for the launch party for the new album, where the French duo failed to show.

But possibly the best thing to have come out of the release of their incredibly retro new direction is this video, which sees the song Get Lucky put to a video compilation of people dancing on the classic American show Soul Train. The moves, outfits and general attitude are all so amazing it just makes me smile.


When you watch these kids dancing back in the 70s you can totally see how funk begat disco, begat hip-hop. After all, who were the band sampled by  early hip-hop legends Sugarhill Gang on the classic Rapper’s Delight? Disco kings Chic, whose guitarist Nile Rogers supplies the ravishing guitar licks on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, which brings us nicely back to where we started.

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