Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger

So yesterday, as I continue to try to nail down the songs of the decade, I carried out a poll at work to try to find just that. You can see the resulting list* here (if you’re on Spotify) which includes two songs by Daft Punk, including Harder Better Faster Stronger. Ignoring the fact that personally I think Daft Punk say a lot more about the 90s than the past 10 years, whilst we were doing this one of the guys at work showed me the video below. I’m probably about the last person in the connected world to see it, what with the 33 million odd views it’s racked up on YouTube.

In case you’re one of the four people left who hasn’t seen it or can’t be bothered to watch the video, it’s basically someone ‘dancing’ with their hands, on which they have written about 10 or so words which they then use to ‘sing along’ to the song with, by opening and closing their hands. Sounds ridiculous, in fact is ridiculous, but it’s also very charming. Hence the 33 million views.

I was going to compare the 33 million views for Daft Hands (I know, clever eh?) to the views for the official video for Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk and then make some oh so clever comment about how this shows how consumers are taking over the world, blah, blah cluetrain, blah. But, as the picture at the top of the post shows, I can’t. Because I’m not allowed to watch the original version of the song.

And people wonder why these guys can’t make any money? Jesus wept.

Here, instead, is the excellent Stronger by Kanye West which, of course, samples the Daft Punk track and which I can watch on YouTube and which, in my opinion, says a lot more about the noughties than Daft Punk themselves.

*The Spotify list is in reverse order, so Beyonce & Daft Punk’s One More Time were join winners. I know!

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