Cut Chemist – (My 1st) Big Break

Via Jus’ Like Music (which I think is run by a guy I used to know on MOG), this is the video for the track (My 1st) Big Break by the amazing DJ & producer Cut Chemist, taken from his debut solo album The Audience’s Listening. Not only is it an amazing song but the video is pretty bloody cool too, not least because it’s (apparently) the first video ever to be filmed entirely with a 360 degree panoramic camera.

The track itself is a lovely bit of funky instrumental hip hop with lots of scratching, cute little samples and an addictive beat. Which is only what you’d expect from the man who formed Jurassic 5 and was responsible, with DJ Shadow, for the amazing Brainfreeze album. And interestingly, according to Wikipedia (which means it must be true), Cut Chemist appeared in the movie Juno. And that’s pretty fu**ing cool!

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