Cinematic Orchestra – Lilac Wine (Jeff Buckley Cover)

It really has been far too long since I’ve found the time or inspiration to post, so it’s good that today I was made aware of something that some of my greatest loves: music (cover versions to, ahem, boot), marketing and my footwear of choice for most of my teens, DMs.

Apparently Dr Martens are 50 years old this year, and to celebrate half a century of gracing the feet of goths, punks, indie-kids, and every music tribe inbetween, they’ve asked a bunch of musicians to cover tracks by artists that really epitomise the spirit of the boots. The artists involved include Noisettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & the rather magnificent Cinematic Orchestra.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cinematic Orchestra, it’s the work of Jason Swinscoe, and they blend everything from jazz & trip-hop to movie soundtracks to make hauntingly gorgeous music. They’ve been responsible for some amazing work including To Build A Home, Ode To The Big Sea and the utterly awesome All Things To All Men (one of the best songs of the noughties, IMO).

For the Dr Martens project they’ve covered a Jeff Buckley track and it is, unsurprisingly, lovely. I don’t really know any of Buckley’s stuff beyond Hallelujah (used so beautifully in the West Wing), but this does make me want to go and get more, as well as making me want to pull on a pair of old 8-hole ox-bloods: if they were good enough for Damon

The original Buckley version of Lilac Wine is below, and once you’re finished loving that, why not head over to the Dr Martens site and download a free MP3 of the Cinematic Orchestra cover.

I should add that I was sent the video by Unruly Media.

DM image by Timothy Tolle on flickr

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