Camille Yarbrough – Take Yo’ Praise (Sampled By Fatboy Slim On Praise You)

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, made a career for himself and video director Spike Jonze by sampling Camille Yarbrough’s Gospel song Take Yo’ Praise for his dance hit Praise You…

This will be the last post for a fortnight as I’m off on holiday tomorrow. One of the albums that I’ve bought in advance of this is Fatboy Slim’s Greatest Hits, and listening to this I remembered what great songs he has sampled over the years.

One of the best of these is Camille Yarbrough’s Gospel song Take Yo’ Praise, which he used to great effect on his dance track Praise You. The original is a beautiful vocal effort, with minimal instrumentation – just some funky guitar, drum & organ. It builds beautifully and is a real slow burner.

Fatboy Slim turned it into an absolute smash, helped no doubt by the great video from Spike Jonze. I’m sure you’ve seen it (if not it’s at the top of the post). I read recently that it was voted the best video ever – not sure I agree with that but it is a cracker.

For those looking for the original Camille Yarbrough song, I was bought it as a birthday present and have since lost it. However you can buy Take Yo’ Praise on the US Amazon, and I’m sure that it’s on a million other compilations as well. I’ll be listening to it over the next few weeks, I hope that you will be too – especially as it’s right here..

Camille Yarbrough – Take Yo’ Praise

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