Bombay Bicycle Club’s Rinse Me Down Channels The Stone Roses

Having written a post yesterday about the trouble with trying to keep so many blogs up to date, I thought I really ought to write one on my own, love starved blog, especially as it will be the first one since leaving London for Dublin.

Since arriving here one of the (few) things I’ve missed has been 6 Music, though of course I can still listen to it at work. Thankfully, one thing Ireland has in abundance is radio stations, and one of my new favourites is Phantom; I’ve been listening to it most mornings, and one song kept sticking in my head. A quick Shazam later and I knew that it was Rinse Me Down by Bombay Bicycle Club, a band I’d heard a lot about but not really heard much from.

Whilst I love Rinse Me Down I have to say that it’s a song that channels its inspirations so much it’s actually charming: if The Stone Roses classic eponymous début was compressed into 3:10 minutes, it would sound an awful lot like this track. That’s not a bad thing, and probably accounts for how catchy it is, but there’s no denying it.

The rest of the album Flaws, that Rinse Me Down is taken from, also wears its influences on its oh, so chic sleeve: there’s a drop more Stone Roses, a dash of Travis and even a jollop of Mumford & Sons, though that last comparison is almost certainly unfair as I’m guessing that Flaws predates Mumford. But if you like all, or even any, of these bands, then Rinse Me Down & Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club are both lovely ways of keeping the winter cold at bay.

Bicycle by Hizir on flickr

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