Ben Westbeech – Get Closer (Lovers Mix – Co-produced by DJ Die & Ben Westbeech)

Ben Westbeech’s latest single Get Closer is produced by Roni Size’s colleague Die, and it’s a good reminder of how much fun drum & bass can be…..

Ben Westbeech is undoubtedly the best thing to have come out of Gilles Peterson’s new Brownswood record label to date, and his latest single shows exactly why. Following on from the stupidly infectious So Good Today, which mixed accoustic guitar and a great hip hop beat, and Nothing Else, a slice of smooth 21st Century soul, comes Get Closer – full on drum & bass with Westbeech’s sweet vocals on top.

Get Closer was co-produced by Die, a member of Roni Size’s Mercury winning Reprazent crew and mate of Ben Westbeech, and is a great reminder of how much fun drum & bass can be; nothing macho or agressive here, just a lovely piano loop, some funky bass and a raging drum beat. Whether or not it’s exactly the sort of thing that a 31 year old married man should have as the ringtone on his mobile is a matter for discussion however (ahem!)

I’ve compared Ben Westbeech to early Jamiroquai in the past, and his voice still has that sound to it. But whereas Jay kay was soon exposed as a paparazzi bashing one-trick pony, Westbeech has already explored more styles in a few singles and a string of live shows than the twatt in the hat managed in his whole career. And with Jay anouncing that he is retiring to make babies with helicopters (or something), and Ben Westbeech’s debut album, Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life, due out in March, maybe 2007 really will be the year that he Gets Closer to stardom.

Don’t believe me? Why not download Get Closer from iTunes or buy the 12″ (which also has the rather harder Rockers mix as well). Or check out how Ben Westbeech belts Get Closer out at his live shows (some of its been dubbed on, but you can get the vibe)!

Ben Westbeech – Get Closer (Live in Sheffield)


  1. There’s no age limit to dig Ben’s tunes ; ) I’ve had Get Closer and Feel so Good Today on repeat as alarm ringtone since their release… and it looks as ‘dance with me’ will be my springtime running track – taking turns with Get Closer!

    I thought I was the only one to hear a jamiroquesque falsetto in ben’s vocals! Glad someone steps in the genre if ever Jay is really retreating back to multiply himself..

    great blog, i’ll come back soon

  2. Gotta love Ben’s tunes indeed!

    I’ve recently interviewed the man, and the just uploaded the result, it’s a video interview, to be seen on on-point tv. He speaks upon his album, his background as a choir boy, meeting gilles peterson, being flashed by hot Dutch girls, etc. etc.

    check it out!


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