Arctic Monkeys – Fluorescent Adolescent (Live on Jonathan Ross)

The Arctic Monkeys may put on the dour Northern act, but they’ve actually got a pretty good sense of humour – as this version of Fluorescent Adolescent shows..

I’ve never fully taken to the Arctic Monkeys, but after their cover of Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever at Glastonbury recently, and this version of their own Fluorescent Adolescent on Jonathan Ross a while back, they are showing themselves to have a pretty good sense of humour (how many other platinum selling bands can you imagine dressing up as clowns?) And that’s always worth listening to and is also why I’ve just bought the Arctic Monkey’s 2nd album, Favourite Worst Nightmare.

The one thing that does disturb me slightly is that lead singer Alex Turner looks more like the Joker from graphic novel Killing Joke than he does Ronald McDonald. But that’s probably just because I’m a comic geek as well as a music one.

(The reason this post is a bit out of date is that I’ve been on holiday; well, a man’s allowed a rest isn’t he?)

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